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In the United States, adults are allowed to make wine for personal use. The following text excerpt is copied from the government's website:

W4: What are the Federal guidelines for home winemakers' Centers?

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has been asked if there are any Federal requirements covering operation of a Home Winemakers' Center. Home Winemakers' Centers are places where an individual pays a fee to use space and equipment to make wine for personal or family use.

Although we refer to the individual making wine for personal or family use as a "home winemaker," the wine may be made somewhere other than the individual's residence, including a Home Winemakers' Center.

Follow this link to access the Federal guidelines for Home Winemaking Centers: http://www.ttb.gov/wine/wine-faq.shtml#w4

Follow this link to access the Federal guidelines for Brew on Premises:

Are Sales Taxes In Colorado charged on wine and beer ingredients?

In August 2011, the Colorado Department of Revenue provided a written determination that winemaking ingredient kits and beermaking ingredient kits are considered food products for home consumption, and therefore are not subject to sales taxes.  Non-consumable items such as equipment, bottles, corks, labels, etc. are subject to sales taxes, just as they have always been.

For more information about homebrewing and winemaking, visit these helpful industry websites:

American Homebrewer's Association:

Statutes - American Homebrewers Association

Colorado - American Homebrewers Association

On November 13, 2015 the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division published a document titled "Homebrew Use and Limitations" to clarify how Homebrewers and Homebrew Supply Stores (i.e. Fermentations Home Winemaking Center) are permitted to handle the production, tasting and use of homebrew by patrons.  The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) has made this document available via its website.  See the following link for the entire document:


Enjoy your winemaking hobby responsibly!